Enjoy a full-body oil massage designed to help you slow down, connect with your body and come back to your breath. A Deep Relaxation Massage will soothe your nervous system and gently release tension from your body to leave you feeling rejuvenated and free from stress. In this treatment, Swedish and Lomi Lomi relaxation techniques are applied with presence and careful attention, to nurture your body into a state of total relaxation, where healing is optimised.

What areas does a Full-Body massage include?

A full-body relaxation massage can include your:

Upper and lower back

Legs and glutes

Head, neck, and shoulders


Hands and feet

Abdomen and chest region (when requested)

Tailored to suit your needs…

Relaxation Massage uses broad and flowing strokes with pressure adjusted to your preference. Sessions can always be tailored to suit your individual needs and exclude or give more focus to any of the regions listed above.

Benefits of Treatment:

Improved circulation

Relief from muscle tension and pain

Reduced stress

Improved sleep


60mins: $99

90mins: $139

120mins: $179